Navigating a Post Pandemic World

With Monica Gandhi

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, UCSF’s Dr. Monica Gandhi became one of the most prominent public health experts in the country. National and local political leaders, health professionals and media often turned to Dr. Gandhi for her thoughts and recommendations on how to handle the constantly shifting dynamics and demands of the pandemic. 

Dr. Gandhi has now put her thoughts together into a new book, Endemic, which aims at reckoning with the country’s present condition: comprehending and living with a new respiratory disease and how to face the coming variants and next pandemic with reason, science, understanding, courage and compassion. With her trademark straight talk and honesty, Dr. Gandhi discusses where we have been, where we find ourselves now, and how we ought to manage the virus in the coming years. 

Dr. Gandhi’s book couldn’t be better timed, as the world must learn to live with a virus that has become â€œendemic.” As Dr. Gandhi notes, our current moment requires a shift in both mindset and policy. She lays out a 10-point plan that she says will serve to best guide us today and into our future; she offers a guide for many still confused by inconsistent mandates and policies.

Please join us for a conversation with one of the Bay Area’s top public health leaders about a virus we will be dealing with the rest of our lives.