Making Conversation

With Fred Dust

Join us for a virtual conversation about the art of conversation with Fred Dust.

Conversations are one of our most fundamental means of communicating with each other. At their best, they are unconstrained, authentic and open—two or more people sharing thoughts and ideas in ways that bridge our individual experiences to achieve a common goal. At their worst, they foster misunderstanding and frustration, and obscure our real intentions.

How often do you walk away from a conversation feeling really heard? That it moved the people in it forward in some important way? If not very often, you’re not alone. After years of trying to broker communications between colleagues and clients, Dust redesigned his art of conversation by using intention and purpose, but remaining artful and playful. In this discussion, he codifies what he learned and outlines the commitment, creative listening, clarity, and context required to be more deliberate and purposeful in making conversations work.